Marble Mountains Sightseeing Complex is located in Hoa Hai Community, Hoa Vang District, now it is belonged to Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son District
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Marble Mountains is included the famous pagodas such as Tam Thai, Tam Ton, Linh Ung….
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Thuy Son is the biggest mountain and the most beautiful
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Marble Mountains is far from the center of Danang around 8km to the south-east right on the way from Danang to the old town of Hoi An.
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Each of this mountain has its own beauty about the image, the location, the stone material, the caves, the pagodas in the each mountain.
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Marble Mountains is included the different limestone mountains and lie scattered on the area around 2km2 such as Kim Son, Moc Son, Tho Son, Thuy Son and Hoa Son
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And, Marble Mountains overview

Marble Mountains Vietnam Sightseeing Complex was previously located in Hoa Hai Community, Hoa Vang District, but has now been incorporated into Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, it is about 8 kilometers south of Danang’s center, on the way to Hoi An’s old town.

Why visit Marble Mountains?

Kim Son, Moc Son, Tho Son, Thuy Son, and Hoa Son are among the limestone mountains that make up the Marble Mountains, which cover an area of about 2 km2. Each of these mountains is beautiful in its own way, with its own image, location, stone material, caves, and pagodas.

Thuy Son is the tallest and most beautiful of these mountains. It stands 106 meters tall and is composed of three mountains located in different layers, resembling three stars. This location has the greatest number of caves and pagodas.

Hoa Nghiem, Huyen Khong, Linh Nham, Lang Hu, Van Thong, Thien Long, Ban Co, Tang Chan, Chiem Thanh… are among the grottoes in the Marble Mountains. And, along with the beautiful grottoes, Marble Mountains is home to well-known pagodas such as Tam Thai, Tam Ton, and Linh Ung…

There is a special feature here but no place to be available after step hundreds of steps to visit Marble Mountains. Because, you just walk hundreds of meters to is very beautiful Non-Nuoc beach with white sand, blue water, and soft waves as welcome you arrive to swim, relax, and take sightseeing between the mighty mountains and the huge ocean.

Marble Mountains is located about 15 minutes by bus from Danang, and the road is very easy for tourists to take a bus or even a bike to get here; this is also one of the most famous sites in Danang, so you should not miss exploring this site while in Danang.


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