Workshop in Hoi An

Hồi sinh một dòng gốm

Hoi An Handicraft Workshop is located at No. 9 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hoi An. This is the place to show the traditional twelve handicrafts careers which have been available since very long time in Hoi An such as the fine arts pottery, carpenter, art lantern, knit hat, knit bamboo, carving, lacquer, weave fabric, embroidering….

Since years of the 15th – 16th century, there were a lot of the handicrafts careers to be appeared and developed very much in Hoi An, then passing thousand of years have been existed and preserved from this dynasty to that next dynasty, all handicraft produces in Hoi An were very polished, so it was one of very important role to improve and develop Hoi An in the past as well as until nowadays. It helps a lot of the locals at here to have a chance working and earning their living, there are a lot of the young workers whose do not have a chance to learn higher or their family do not have the condition to learn much, then they work here to earning their own living as well as their family’s living. There are also many elders working in Hoi An Handicraft Workshop, these elders have many experience and they show and teach for the young persons how to create a good product.

What are the main handicrafts industries of workshops in Hoi An?

There are a lot of the different handicrafts, but doing lantern may be the most to do in Hoi An because Hoi An is the most famous place about doing the lantern, every fifteen day of lunar calendar there are over thousands of lanterns to be dropped in the rivers in the old town of Hoi An, everyday there are a lot of the tourists to buy the lanterns at here as their souvenirs for their trips once visit Hoi An Old Quarter. The wooden carving industry in Hoi An Handicraft Workshop or in Hoi An is also very famous, there are many different products to create from the wooden such as the Buddha statues, tables, chairs, the small souvenirs for the tourists can buy and bring to their homes in foreign after visiting Hoi An…all of these products are made from the locals, they are very skillful, special and beautiful. Beside the wooden carving industry in Hoi An, the silk textile is also one of the most famous industry in this small town, you will be bought the most beautiful, cheapest and fastest clothes in the shops in the old town of Hoi An, even you have just one day to explore Hoi An is then you also have a chance to have a nice suite or clothes because the tailor make is very fast base on your time you have at here.

And, now these handicraft workshops not only offer the main produces in Hoi An, but also it is exported to other countries with a lot of the different products in the world such as the lantern, lacquer…Arrival to Hoi An Handicraft Workshop the tourist will have a chance to find and understand about the processing creating the beautiful produces via the skillful hands and workers, beside that the tourist also have to change to take part in creating some simple produces at here, by this way you will keep the memories and experiences about a fun and meaning trip to Hoi An. Hoi An Handicraft Workshop is also the place for the tourist to shop the souvenirs which are just available in Hoi An, its prices and produces are very diversified and reasonable for the tourist to choose and buy.

Hoi An Handicraft Workshop Travel Guide

Hoi An Handicraft Workshop is located right center of the old town of Hoi An, it is very easy and convenient for the tourist to walk to this place to explore, this is also one of the main site which should be included in the walking tour in Hoi An, so that you should not miss to visit Hoi An Handicraft Workshop once travel Hoi An.

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