Bao Lac is a district in Cao Bang province, Vietnam.

Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam

Bao Lac located in the western district of Cao Bang province.

Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam

The north of Bao Lac is the border with Guangxi, China.

Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam

The south of Bao Lac is near Pac Nam (Bac Kan).

Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam

Bao Lac was recently made famous .

Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam

Bao Lac Tour.

Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam

Bao Lac in Cao Bang, Vietnam.

Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam. Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam.

Bao Lac is a western district of Cao Bang Province, bordering with China to the north, Pac Nam (Bac Kan) to the south, Bao Lam (Cao Bang) to the west and Thong Nong (Cao Bang) to the east. This rural district is home to 50,000 residents who mainly live in remote villages without water and electricity supply. It is considered one of the farthest and poorest regions in Vietnam.

However, in contrast with the poor living standards, Bao Lac has a lot of potentials to develop tourism. Lying along the poetic Gam and Neo River, this upland district is enchanting with pristine and majestic natural settings. In addition, the unique cultural space of a borderland seems to create a vivid beauty and immense vitality for Bao Lac.

How go to Bao Lac?

To arrive at Bao Lac District, tourists have to pass over 300km from Hanoi City.  The roads leading to this remote area are steep, slippery, bumpy and full of thick fog. Therefore, no matter what modes of transport (bus or motorbike) you choose, the journey to Bao Lac is really dangerous. But it is undeniable that difficulties will be paid off by gorgeous landscapes which we can admire during that trip.

Nowadays, the only road leading to the center of Bao Lac Town has been improved, so it’s much easier for backpackers to visit this place by motorbike.

Highlights in Bao Lac

Possessing advantages of natural resources, Bao Lac has become a highlight of Cao Bang tourism for recent years. The fist destination is the living space of Lo Lo ethnic community in Khuoi Khon Village, Kim Cuc Commune. This place is located in the halfway up the mountain, 5km from Highway No.34, so you can come here by bus or car. Lo Lo people will bring you interesting experiences like living amidst nature, enjoying rustic food or learning about the unique culture of locals (weaving or drumming).

If you prefer to challenge your courage, don’t hesitate to come to “Khe Ho Nhay” – the transnational yachting point in Co Ba Commune. This is a kind of tourism cooperation between Cao Bang Province and Guangxi (China). The adventure from Bach Nam (Guangxi, China) to Gam River (Bao Lac, Vietnam) is full of challenges due to obstacles of rivers and of course, it is not for “the faint-hearted”.

Another tourist attraction in Bao Lac District is “the roof of Cao Bang” – Mt Phja Da with the height of over 2000m above the sea level. People find it hard to see the peak of Phja Da because it is covered with white clouds all year round. There are times in the winter when Mt Phja Da is coated with ice. It is known as the second Sa Pa of Vietnam. Besides, this area also has pristine caves with sparkling stalactites.

On the other hand, Bao Lac District also draws tourists from every place with famous historical and cultural sites. Stepping into the town, visitors are easily captivated by the unique architecture of an ancient mansion of Nong family. This was a house of an official of 1890. Lying on the foot of Van Trung Mountain, this mansion is the harmonious combination between the architecture of Western and local style. Surroundings are old trees with over 100 years of age. This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bao Lac with a relatively large number of visitors each year.

Van An Temple, Quan De Thanh Shrine, Dong Mu Relic… and many attractive destinations in Bao Lac. With potentials of tourism both in natural settings and artificial structures, Bao Lac is deserved to be an ideal place for tourists to discover.

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